Freelance projects (2)Brasil

How does it work?
Sales, call center, account management, home based, etc
Mobile, applications development, architecture, database design, etc
Secretaries, assistants, book keepers, reception, etc
Systems administration, network engineering, database management, telecom, etc
Translation services, Instructors and speakers
Art direction, copy writing, account management, media buying etc
Interim management, change management, consulting, HRM, etc
Corporate identity, graphical design, photo editing, photography, camera work, etc

Websites (2)

Scripting, SEO, banner creation, games, Adwords, etc
Accountants, analysts, book keepers, insurance specialists etc

Services (0)

Here you will find services that freelancers need to be successful in their work such as Accounting, IT support and Training.
Scripting & Development
São Paulo
Scripting & Development
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