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Rules for everyone

BuscaFreela offers a platform for the exchange of goods and services. BuscaFreela is NOT involved in the actual execution of the sale between buyers and vendors. BuscaFreela can therefore in no way guarantee the quality, the safety or the legality of the goods and services offered on BuscaFreela.
Neither can we guarantee that vendors are authorized to sell and buyers are authorized to buy the advertised goods and services.
Our website and the services on it are offered only to those persons who, by applicable law in the country where the website is accessed, are able to enter into legally binding commitments. Persons who are under age can only use the website and the services on it when that person has been authorized to do so by their legal guardian.

BuscaFreela tries to facilitate the matching of buyers and vendors. BuscaFreela is never a party to the agreement that is created between buyer and vendor. If you have a conflict that occurs with a buyer or a vendor about the goods or services delivered, you need to resolve these issues by yourselves. You hereby indemnify BuscaFreela (and all her personnel,management and resellers) of potential claims, recourse to the seeking of reparation of damages and such, with regards to such issues.

Bids are not binding
BuscaFreela is not an auction site, but a classifieds site with the option to bid. These bids are in principle not binding and do not create a legal requirement to buy the goods or services that you bid on.

References to websites or services of third parties
On BuscaFreela you may find references to the websites or services of third parties. These may be vendors, suppliers of payment services (such as PayPal) or advertisers.
BuscaFreela in no way controls the content of the websites or services of third parties. When you visit these websites or use these services, you are subject to the general terms & conditions and privacy policy of those parties.

(Re-)use of content on BuscaFreela
BuscaFreela promotes the BuscaFreela website and may provide access to third parties to content that you have placed on BuscaFreela without prior notification. BuscaFreela may adapt this content in order to make it more suitable for advertising purposes or for the technological platform that it is displayed on.

It is not allowed to copy or re-use content on BuscaFreela for use on other websites or media without express written approval by BuscaFreela. It not allowed to systematically retrieve and store, e.g. in a database, portions of the website through automatic means such as through "crawlers", "robots" and such.

Violating the terms of use
When BuscaFreela considers that you are in violation of the terms of use or general terms & conditions, we may do the following without prior notification:

  • Change the category that a classified has been posted in
  • Disable or remove a classified without restitution of any costs in placing or promotion of the classified
  • Remove photos and videos
  • Remove comments or ratings
  • Disable a user account or banning a user without restitution of any costs of placement or promotion of classified from that user
  • (Temporarily) revoke an Authorized vendor status
  • Supply law enforcement with known information about the user (in accordance with applicable privacy legislation)

The decision in these matters lies solely with BuscaFreela and is final, without recourse to appeal. BuscaFreela reserves the right to seek damages if you act in violation of the terms of agreement.

Examples of violations of the terms of use

  • Publishing of a classified in a clearly wrong category
  • Classified that don't offer a specific service, event or product
  • Publishing of duplicate classifieds
  • Publishing of negative ratings and comments about a competitor
  • Publishing of positive ratings and comments about your own or your company's classifieds (potentially under an alias)
  • Publishing of website or email references in the text of classifieds
  • Classifieds that offer illegal or suspect goods or services
  • Classifieds that contain inappropriate content
  • Classifieds that infringe on intellectual property rights
  • Approaching users directly with information not related to a classified the user has responded to (spam)

Writing a comment or rating

A rating or comment is an experience a user has with a product or service of a vendor.

Giving a negative comment
When you write a comment, positive or negative, please keep the following in mind.

  • A rating must relate to a specific classified, or alternatively, if you are rating a vendor, to that vendor
  • A comment or rating must be based on actual experience
  • A comment must not contain profanity or be uncivilized
  • A comment must not contain privacy sensitive information, such as a personal name, address or phone number
  • A comment must not contain commercial messages

If you see anything suspect or illegal

If you see a classified that you consider to contain suspect or illegal content, you can use the "More Actions" => "This content is not OK" function that is available with every classified. An editor will review the classified and take appropriate action.


Report an intellectual property violation

BuscaFreela contains a great number of classifieds and it is impossible to check them all before they are placed on BuscaFreela.
If you feel that a classifieds infringes on an intellectual property right that you have, please report this through the contact form.
Please supply us with all information that may help us determine the intellectual property status of the offending item(s) and we will take action to remedy the situation. Do not report intellectual property violations if you 'just' think some content may infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. We respect your opinion but need to receive actionable information by the rightful owner in order to be able to act.

By using this website you agree to accept the General terms and Conditionsand Terms of Use.