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I have created a classified but I can't find it on the site

There could be several reasons for this:
  • There is usually a short delay between creating a classified and it becoming visible on the site. Try reloading the page you think it should be on.
  • Some categories, such as restaurants, require an editor to approve the classified before it becomes visible. Which can take 1 or 2 days. To check the status of your classified, go to "My account" => "My classifieds". Select the classified and you will see the status.
  • The classified is in a premium category and the payment hasn't been received. Check the status as described above. In order to complete payment, click 'Edit classified'.
  • Your classified has been disabled because an editor considered the content inappropriate in accordance with out general terms & conditions.
  • You have disabled the classified yourself. In order to re-enable it, check the status as described above, select the "Active" checkbox and Save.
  • The classified has expired. A classified automatically expires after a certain time. You will have received an email notification when this happens. If you wish to re-enable the classified, check the status and select the "Time extension" option. Or you can re-enter the classified.

Where can I find my classified?

Your classified becomes visible in the category you selected when you entered the classifed. If you forgot which one, Check the status of the classified as described here and click "View classified". Your classified will open, and you can see the category in the breadcrumb above it.

I have bought a promotion but it doesn't become visible on the relevant page

Promotions are shown in a random manner. This means that your promotion may not be visible on each visit of the page.

I feel that a classified contains inappropriate or illegal content

At BuscaFreela, we do our best to prevent inappropriate and illegal content from being published on our site. However, it is possible that you notice something that we have missed. If you feel a classified is inappropriate or illegal, you can report this by going to the classified, selecting "Take action" => "This content is not OK". An editor will take action and review the content.

I think the classified is in the wrong category

If you feel that a classified is in the wrong category, please let us know! You can report this by going to the classified, selecting "Take action" => "This content is in the wrong category". An editor will take action and review the content.

What is that orange icon on the map?

This represents your address on the map. You can change the location under "My account" => "Edit profile". When you are entering a classified, it can also represent your current location if you select "Use my current location".

When I enter a classified, I click "Use my current location" but nothing happens

If you click Use my current location, your browser will usually ask you if it is allowed to share your location with us. You need to click "Accept" or "Yes" for it to work.

When I enter a classified, I enter my city but I get an error message when I try to to continue

This may be because the way you spell your city name, doesn't conform to the way we have stored it in our system. As you type in the city name, you should see some suggested cities appear in a drop down box. Try selecting it from that box. You need to type at least 4 characters to see the suggestions appear. If you don't see the suggestions, try another spelling. If you think a city is missing from the system, let us know!
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